General Questions

1. How does your age impact your ability to serve in Congress?

History shows us that youth in leadership can bring transformative change. Leaders like Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, both of whom assumed significant responsibilities at a young age, demonstrated that fresh perspectives and energetic leadership can be powerful forces in politics. I bring a similar vigor and a new outlook to address the challenges and opportunities of our time.

2. As a Pakistani American, how will you represent a diverse constituency?

America’s strength lies in its diversity, and my heritage equips me to understand and value a range of perspectives. Like Lincoln, who navigated the complexities of a diverse nation, I am committed to representing all constituents with empathy and inclusivity, ensuring every voice is heard and respected.

3. What are your key policy focuses?

My campaign centers on economic revitalization, educational innovation, and healthcare improvement. Mirroring the transformative economic policies of Reagan and the progressive educational reforms of Roosevelt, my aim is to blend the best of Republican principles with forward-thinking strategies for Maryland’s 3rd District.

4. How do you plan to work across the aisle in today’s polarized political climate?

Bipartisanship has been crucial in pivotal moments of American history, from Lincoln’s unification efforts to Eisenhower’s interstate highway system. I am dedicated to collaborative governance, prioritizing the needs and welfare of our community over partisan divides. I am the voice of the people and I will stand by that.

5. How will your business and finance background influence your policy decisions?

 A strong understanding of business and finance is essential in crafting effective economic policies. Drawing inspiration from fiscal conservatives like Calvin Coolidge and modern economic thinkers, I plan to apply this knowledge to foster economic growth, stability, and innovation in our district.

6. How do you view the role of technology and innovation in government?

Innovation has always been a cornerstone of American progress. From Jefferson’s advocacy for scientific exploration to JFK’s space ambition, embracing new technologies is key to advancement. I see technology as an essential tool in making government more efficient, transparent, and responsive to citizens’ needs.

7. What initiatives do you have planned to support small businesses in our district?

Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy. My plan includes implementing a Small Business Incubation Program to provide support and resources to entrepreneurs, along with creating local market linkages that ensure our community’s economic vitality and sustainability. By fostering an environment where small businesses can thrive, we drive job creation and local prosperity.

8. How do you plan to address healthcare in the district?

Accessible and high-quality healthcare is a priority. I propose enhancing our healthcare infrastructure through initiatives like the Telemedicine Outreach Program and improving preventive healthcare services. My approach focuses on making healthcare more adaptable and responsive to the needs of our community.

As a Pakistani American, I bring a unique perspective to foreign policy, particularly regarding the Middle East and South Asia. I believe in a balanced approach that prioritizes diplomatic solutions, supports human rights, and maintains strong alliances. I will advocate for policies that not only respect the sovereignty of other nations but also seek to build mutual understanding and cooperation.

10. What is your stance on education reform?

Education is the key to our future. I advocate for integrating technology in classrooms, supporting STEM education, and ensuring our teachers are equipped with the tools and training they need. My goal is to create an education system that is modern, inclusive, and prepares our students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

11. What is your stance on immigration reform?

I advocate for a fair and humane immigration system that respects the rule of law, keeps our borders secure and safe while acknowledging the valuable contributions immigrants make to our society. We need comprehensive immigration reform that secures our borders, provides a path to legal status for law-abiding immigrants, and addresses the root causes of illegal immigration.

12. How do you plan to address mental health and addiction issues in the district?

Mental health and addiction are critical public health challenges. My plan includes increasing funding for mental health services, expanding access to treatment facilities, and integrating mental health education and awareness into public programs. We also need to address addiction as a health issue, with a focus on treatment and rehabilitation rather than solely punitive measures. Collaborating with healthcare providers, community organizations, and law enforcement, we can develop a compassionate and effective approach to these complex issues.

13. What are your views on environmental policies and climate change?

Environmental stewardship is crucial for our district and planet. I support sustainable initiatives like clean energy infrastructure development and green public transportation solutions. Balancing economic growth with environmental responsibility is essential for creating a sustainable future. More information can be found in the policies tab

14. How will you ensure that your policies are inclusive and represent diverse voices in the district?

Inclusivity is at the heart of my policy-making process. I plan to engage with various community groups regularly to ensure diverse perspectives are considered and used. By establishing open channels of communication and feedback, we can create policies that truly reflect the needs of all constituents.

15. How do you plan to support job growth and workforce development?

My focus is on creating a robust job market and a skilled workforce. This involves not only supporting our local industries but also investing in workforce training programs, especially in emerging fields like technology and green energy. By aligning our educational resources with the job market’s needs, we ensure sustainable job growth and a future-ready workforce.

16. What is your approach to handling public safety and crime?

Public safety is paramount. My approach is twofold: strengthening community policing efforts to build trust between law enforcement and communities, and investing in preventive programs that address the root causes of crime. Effective public safety policies must be holistic, addressing immediate needs while fostering a safe, supportive community environment.

17. As a Republican, how do you plan to work with a potentially divided Congress?

Effective leadership means finding common ground. While I hold firm to our party’s principles, I am committed to reaching across the aisle to find bipartisan solutions to our district’s challenges. Cooperation and constructive dialogue are essential for making meaningful progress in a divided Congress and as a young person finding a middle ground is far easier than a career

18. How will you ensure transparency and accountability in your office?

Transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of trust between a representative and their constituents. I commit to regular communication through town hall meetings, updates on my website, and open channels for feedback. My office will operate with the highest standards of integrity and openness, furthermore an oversight committee of local business leaders, groups and students from both high school and college will be created to ensure all aspects of policies and important community needs are being met

19. What steps will you take to support veterans in our district?

Our veterans deserve the utmost respect and support. I propose enhancing local veterans’ services, including access to healthcare, mental health resources, job training, and housing assistance. Additionally, I plan to work with local businesses to encourage the hiring of veterans, recognizing the valuable skills and experiences they bring to our workforce.

20. How will you support the education and empowerment of women and minorities in our district?

Promoting equality and opportunity for all is a cornerstone of my platform. I support initiatives that break down barriers for women and minorities in education and the workforce, including mentorship programs, scholarships, and policies that encourage diversity and inclusion in schools and businesses. Empowering these groups is not just a matter of fairness; it’s essential for the overall prosperity and advancement of our community.

21. How do you view the role of technology in government and society?

Technology has the potential to revolutionize government and society for the better. It can enhance transparency, improve public services, and foster greater civic engagement. My aim is to promote digital literacy, expand access to technology, and encourage the use of innovative tech solutions in government operations to make them more efficient and responsive to citizens’ needs.

22. What is your approach to balancing the federal budget and managing national debt?

Fiscal responsibility is crucial for our nation’s economic stability. I advocate for a balanced approach that combines responsible spending cuts, efficiency improvements in government services, and policies that stimulate economic growth. Managing the national debt requires a long-term strategy that includes both reducing unnecessary expenditures and investing wisely in areas that will drive future economic development.

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